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 Charity page    2007                                     

Charity Page  |  Past winners |

In memory of
Alex MacFarlane
1963 - 1991

This years charity semi-finalists consisted of
 Cambuslang BC, Halfway BC, Templeton BC & Kirkhill BC.

The final was played between Halfway BC and Kirkhill BC


Halfway & District BC rink  v  Kirkhill BC rink Finalists


Winning Kirkhill BC team 2007 
Ronnie Wilson, Tom Gillespie, George Monteith, Jack Leonard
This Kirkhill Bowling Club team with these four same players have played in every year
of this 15 year old competition, last winning it in 1994.


John & Sadie MacFarlane - Kirkhill B.C. winners - Organisers Glenda Montgomery, Past Presidents Jim Montgomery jnr & Harry Faulds

Once again our thanks to our organisers Past President Jim Montgomery jnr,
his wife Glenda and Past President Harry Faulds
for all their work in raising a massive 2550 for this years charity.
      The British Heart Foundation Glasgow Cardiovascular Research Centre in Glasgow University in March 2006 opened a Clinical Investigation Unit in Alex MacFarlane's memory.

Charity Page
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