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 Charity page    2008                                     

Charity Page  |  Past winners |

In memory of
Alex MacFarlane
1963 - 1991

This years charity semi-finalists consisted of
 Cambuslang, Carmyle, Halfway and Cambuslang/Croftfoot Bowling Clubs.

The final was played between Cambuslang/Croftfoot BC and Halfway BC


Halfway BC John Brown, Mark Latowski, Murray Wilson, Brian Pearce
Cambuslang BC Jamie McInall, Jim Booth (CroftfootBC) Richie McInall jnr & sen Cambuslang BC


Winning Halfway BC team 2008 
Murray Wilson, Mark Latowski, John Brown, Brian Pearce

. President Ian Skillen, John MacFarlane, Glenda Montgomery, Sadie MacFarlane, Past Presidents Harry Faulds & Jim  
                                                                                                                                                                                   Montgomery jnr

Once again our thanks to our organisers Past President Jim Montgomery jnr,
his wife Glenda and Past President Harry Faulds
for all their work in raising a massive 2311 for this years charities.
The Prince & Princess of Wales Hospice and      
The British Heart Foundation Glasgow Cardiovascular Research Centre in Glasgow University.  
In March 2006 a Clinical Investigation Unit was opened in Alex MacFarlane's memory.

Charity Page
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