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   Profiles of ex-Directors :- Peter Phillips, Duncan Hoggan
               Alex Hardie, Derek McCutcheon, Alex Helm, Will McArthur


President 2004        

Ex - Treasurer who continues to work on 
our finance committee

A member who has taken the club to his heart.... a great committee worker. Had a wonderful year as club president in 2004.

Greens Convener  for a number of years
and had a second term in office as President.



 Past President Peter Phillips.
President 2004, 2010
       Hon.President 2016



Past President John McKillop

President 2013          CBC Social events this year

Joined the club in 2006 and a few years later joined the committee. Became Social convenor in 2010, a post he still fullfills.

A joiner to trade he has helped the club enormously in various projects. A very likeable and popular member of CBC.







Alex Hardie
ex-House Convenor

Alex is a popular guy in our club who does a tremendous power of work in the clubhouse, grounds and green.

In 2006 he and Derek tirelessly helped the President achieve many objectives in club refurbishment and upgrade jobs that needed done.  He was co-opted onto the committee in 2006 and was rewarded with the post of House Convenor in 2007.
A fabulous member much admired by the members for the work he does.

Sadly Alex died May 2012.









     Derek McCutcheon 

 joined our club in 2005 and very quickly established himself as the type of member all clubs need...... a worker.

He helps look after and maintains the fabric of the club as well as doing some gardening work.
A fabulous member who has won the hearts and admiration of the club members.

Derek's efforts were rewarded this year (2007) when he became a Director..... he is on the Greens & House & Greens committees.

Derek resigned in 2009






ex Director Duncan Hoggan

Supports the club well at the bar and sponsors a tournament most years.

sponsors page


            Duncan Hoggan




Has was busy with the books as our Treasurer from 2001-2010. Ex-stockbroker, still employed within the financial industry on a part-time basis.

Member of our 1874 Investment Club.
Interests: Football, social dominoes,
        snooker ( ex-tournament player ), 

                 and John Wayne videos !

Politics -a chauvinistic conservative!

Sadly Alex died 18 June 2012

Alex Helm
President 2011



 Past President Will.McArthur ...... President 2006
   webmaister and member of PiggeryBrae





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