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 Lawn Green Outdoor bowls club in South Lanarkshire, near Glasgow    Scotland  UK

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Hon. President David A Barnett

At our AGM on
February 2006 Past President David A. Barnett was made an Honorary President of the club.


Secretary, Past President David A Barnett has been club secretary for ten years and served the club as President in 1994, he has been a stalwart for our club all these years and in recognition for this he was made an Honorary President, the 19th man to receive this honour in our 133 year history. 

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    125David joined Cambuslang BC in 1983, this photo was taken at our 125th Anniversary in 1999

mcf-semis 2001

  Charity Day

May 2001

Snooker 1985
World Champion
Dennis Taylor

Oct. 2001
snooker 2001

david od 2002


                                       Charity Day  'Glove'
                                    May 2002

Opening Day 2002

david glove 2002


David helped organise a visit by bowlers from Southern Ireland - 'The Irish Tourers' in June 2003
We had a lovely afternoon bowling followed by a fabulous party sing-song in the club.
(from this event Cambuslang BC visited Dublin in 2004)

db apr2004
  Secretary, Past President David at opening Day 2004

Hon. President
David A. Barnett

President in 1994.    Honorary President 2006
   "I'm probably the most popular secretary in Scottish Bowling. 
My dazziling smile and joyous personality ensures a warm welcome
to members and visitors alike.

 Webmaister:- It is perhaps worth noting that Mrs Barnett does not 
hold this high opinion, and as such our secretary can usually
 be found in a kennel which he shares with his dogs


Hon.President David A. Barnett  - a well deserved honour to a loyal servant of Cambuslang B.C.

~President Will.McArthur, Webmaister 2006~




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