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Our History   those who forget the past have no future  
See our history by photographs from 1874 -





Our 125th anniversary



2019 .


Our history began in 1874.......the following is taken from a booklet that was written by our secretary, David Barnett, from extracts taken from our minutes, to commemorate our 125th anniversary in 1999.

12th October 1874 
A meeting of local business men, presided over by Mr.W.B.Dick agreed to the formation of a bowling club on land adjacent to Wellshot Drive and to enter into the necessary contracts for same. 
The Committee appointed to oversee this development was: 
President. W.B.Dick         Vice-President. H.M.Fyffe 
Secretary.W.H.Davidson          Treasurer. G.Campbell
However well intentioned these gentlemen were, the task they had set themselves was to prove financially onerous


At the outset they had to purchase 15,000 turfs at 7 and 10 shillings per thousand. This did not include the transportation cost nor the laying of the green. By 2nd November 1875 they were in debt to the City Bank for 300 a considerable sum in those days considering a good wage in 1875 was 3 old pence an hour. The relatively short history of Wellshot Bowling Club was plagued with financial problems which eventually simply overwhelmed these visionaries





1875 Clubhouse erected           1876 telephone invented



1877 matches arranged with Rutherglen, Uddingston and East Kilbride Bowling Clubs  



1884 membership was divided into 5 sections, each section being under the chargeship of a 'skip' Each skip was responsible for teaching his section all aspects of bowling including etiquette.


                                                                     1885 first motor car



22 March 1892 Still in debt of over 350, two of the committee who had previously subscribed to the 'obligation' to the bank, withdrew their names and the bank demanded immediate payment of the debt. The committee arranged a loan of 400 from Mr.Archibald Wotherspoon to alleviate their immediate problems



1894 Lavatory installed           1893 invention of motion pictures



Further loans followed from Mr. Wotherspoon and by 1895 
the position of Wellshot Bowling Club had become untenable



A close end for bowlers of Cambuslang Bowling Club in the 1890's as well as Gold Cups and medals, the prizes in those days included 3 tons of coal, 10 pounds of tea
a leg of mutton and barrels of apples!!



12 March 1895
The shareholders agreed that all assets and property of Wellshot Bowling Club be handed over to the current Board of Directors and Playing Members, on condition that they would undertake liability for all debts and obligations. This been agreed Wellshot Bowling Club disappeared into history to be replaced by Cambuslang Bowling Club Ltd



1896 Membership had reached 80. Ladies were invited to the Opening Day.( The way this is minuted it would appear this had been very much a no-go area for ladies until this event.)

1897 Four pedestals flower stands donated by President Paton . 

1899 Membership was now 120.

Robert Weir Champion 1899
Club Champion Robert Weir - 1899       (GBA president in 1941)



   1901 modern radio invented   1903 airplane invented



1903 Monday night games introduced. Notice in clubhouse beseeching the members not to throw their spent matches onto the green and to refrain from spitting

1904 The committee voted, on the casting vote of the President, to register for an Excisable Liquour Licence. Unfortunately due to a misunderstanding by the secretary ( he tried to register for match days only ), this registration was never made and it wasn't until 1963 ( yes 1963 ) that the club was granted a Licence to sell Excisable Liquor. 

1907 Joined Glasgow Bowling Association in lieu of Lanarkshire.



1913 A gentleman by the name of Peter McLean was admitted into the club as a new member. His job title in the application was "The Inspector of the Poor."    
1914-1918 World War
7th September 1923 A resolution was proposed that " a new Club to be called 
Cambuslang Bowling
Club be formed and the sum of 800 be raised from the members by the sale of debentures. That an offer of 400 be lodged with the directors of the Limited Company for the purchase of the Clubhouse, green, fittings, furniture, tools and all other effects. i.e. the present property of the Limited Company. 
This resolution was by no means popular. 

1st. May 1924 An Extraordinary Meeting of the shareholders of 
Cambuslang Bowling Club Ltd
was held and the resolution:- "That Cambuslang Bowling Club Ltd be wound up voluntarily " failed to get the required majority of seventy-five percent.The vote being 10 for and 4 against. A heated and acrimonious discussion ensued and the vote was retaken according to shareholdings. This time the 75% majority was easily achieved with 86 for and 17 against.
Thus Cambuslang Bowling Club was born 



5th May 1924 
Four days after the extraordinary meeting the Cambuslang Bowling Club Ladies Section was formed, the Committee being :
President Mrs Hastie, Vice-President Mrs.Campbell, Treasurer Mrs.Campbell



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