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 Charity page    2011                                     

Charity Page  |  Past winners |

In memory of
Alex MacFarlane
1963 - 1991

Once again our thanks to our organisers Jim Montgomery jnr, his wife Glenda and
Past President Harry Faulds for all their work in raising a massive 2,276 which was rounded up to 2500
by a friend of the family, Liemo from Advanced Energy Management Services for this years beneficiaries.
A big thank you to all the people who donated so many prizes for the annual raffle draw.

Another fabulous day at the Cambuslang Bowling Club

This year the monies raised from the Alex MacFarlane Memorial rinks tournament will be split between the British Heart Foundation Glasgow Cardiovascular Research Centre and Pte. Scott Meenagh (2 Para) a 21yr old from Cumbernauld who lost both legs in Helmand Province, Afghanistan, whilst trying to rescue a fellow para.

Private Scott Meenagh from C Company, 2nd Battalion The Parachute Regiment, was on a cross-mountain patrol in Afghanistan on 25 January 2011 when he stepped on a low-metal IED and sustained severe injuries, including the loss of both legs below the knee, wounds to his lower back and internal injuries.

Despite suffering from life-changing injuries, Private Meenagh has an admirable outlook on life:

Ive never been so alive in my life, he said. I feel so positive. A lot of people went through a lot when I was out there and one of my friends was killed trying to save my life, so I need to take advantage of everything. Its amazing. Ive never felt so motivated, everything is such a challenge and everything is so exciting.

I think my dad will be proud of me as hes a gardener himself. Ive never taken an interest in gardening, but now lifes at a lot slower pace for me, so Ill be able to help him and take a new interest in it. My wee garden will be looking good when I eventually get home.

As a double amputee, Private Meenagh welcomes the physical challenge the Defence Medical Rehabilitation Centre at Headley Court gardening project offers:

The ramp outside the greenhouse is the most undulating that Ive ever walked on. It really is a challenge, but Im taking it in my stride, literally. Actually standing still is an effort for me as I have to use my core and my hips, so Im constantly tensed up and always wake up sore. It is hard, but you get used to it and this is an opportunity to do something therapeutic.

Obviously weve all been through traumatic experiences and you do think about it. I think about it every day and it affects me, so actually coming away and having a new interest is helpful.


The bowls competition final was won by a mixed club team consisting of Billy Shepherd & David Armstrong from Halfway BC, partnered by Ronnie Plunkett & Frank Wilson from Carmyle BC. The runners-up were a team consisting of two Cambuslang members Colin Johnston & Robert Park and two Past Presidents Sandy Knox & Scott Crichton.


Charity Page
  |  Past winners |  
see more photographs  | In March 2006 a Clinical Investigation Unit was opened in Alex MacFarlane's memory.




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