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Opening day photos - DALDOWIE LOUNGE 2004 President Peter Phillips year




Secretary David Barnett and  Treasurer Alex Helm on 'sentry duty' outside the club's....... 
Daldowie Lounge

Hon.President Jim Montgomery Sen. our hospitality manager on opening day being thanked by President Peter.


Daldowie Lounge :- our club is small in size and we don't have a committee room so this year the President  decided to split an area of the lounge using a thick deep purple curtain, which very effectively gave us an area in which to dispense hospitality.
Always one for a laugh our friend pictured second left, Jim Torrance from Halfway BC quickly dubbed the area 'The Daldowie Lounge" naming it after the local crematorium!


Yes I'll have another wee Vodka thanks, Jimmy!

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CBC members Colin Thomson & Jimmy Hoad - 2004


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