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Cambuslang Bowling Club directors and members extended a warm welcome to everyone 
at our OPENING DAY on Saturday April 8th 2006.

opening day entrance
Eileen and President Will McArthur are welcomed onto the green.
On the banking: 1.David Paton, 2.Sammy Ralston & 3.Joe Ford Uddingston BC,  4.Tom Cunningham, 5.Jas Turnbull, 6.Stuart McGown Kirkhill BC, 7.Robert Park

An excellent opening day well attended by members, visitors and friends. 
VIP guests included Depute Lord Provost Russell Clearie, SBF rep Ian Richardson, GBA rep Jim Proctor, RDBA rep Hugh McNulty and Presidents, Past presidents and members from local bowling clubs. Special mention must go to Kirkhill BC for the wonderful support their members gave us.
The Board of Directors were welcomed onto the green and our six newest members, Iain McArthur, Don Gillespie, Alex Goodfellow, Robert Park, David Paton & John Barton were also given a warm welcome.

President's Opening Day speech

      Eileen throwing the first bowl of 2006 to declare the green open. 
      Eileen was a stalwart the whole day, looked after the many guests and supplied a small buffet of filled rolls & pizza. 
      Wonderful support.


Opening Day bowl Eileen

Walter Rennie, Duncan Hoggan, Alex Helm, Jim Forsyth, President Will McArthur, Terry Connolly, GBA Jim Proctor, Alex Latimer, SBF Ian Richardson,  Harry Faulds,  VP Jim Low, John Irvine
Eileen delivering first bowl of the year

~ `~  ~ ~ ~
Left of photo on the bench is my future daughter in law Ruth and Kirkhill BC Past President Campbell Wilson.


Vice President Jim Low his wife May, Eileen & President.
See more CBC Opening day Photographs photographs
 NOTE larger size photos can be seen and 
purchased from the above link



President's opening day rink

Past President Gordon Leith, Templeton BC
President Will. McArthur
Past President Alex Wallace, Templeton BC
Past President Jim Young, Farme BC

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