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President Ian Skillen  Opening Day
Saturday 5th April 2008



 An excellent opening day well attended
 by members, visitors and friends.

 Cambuslang Board of Directors
 invited onto the green by
 President Ian Skillen
VIP guests included Provost Russell Clearie and his wife Councillor Pam Clearie, SBA Tom Allan,  GBA Jim Proctor, RDBA vice pres Jim Armour and Pres Ron Davie, SBF Danny Watson, Lady President Cathie Meikle and Lady VP Nancy McDonald.... all in the photo above.
The Board of Directors were welcomed onto the green and our 4 newest members, Bill McArthur, Douglas Carroll, Kenny Walton, Jamie McInall were given a warm welcome.


President Ian Skillen was delighted to receive our honoured guests onto the green
L to R: RDBA vice Pres. Jim Armour, Councillor Pam Clearie, VP Davie Davidson, Lady Pres Cathie Meikle, SBF D.Watson
President Ian Skillen, GBA J.Proctor, Lady VP N. McDonald, RDBA Pres R.Davie, SBA Tom Allan, Provost Russell Clearie

Lady VP Nancy McDonald opening the green by delivering the first bowl.


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