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 Feb 10th 2015, 7:30pm  Club AGM.       
                                            NEW Club President Richie McInall Sen.

. cbc agm 2015
         Treasurer Ian Skillen      President Richie McInall sen.   Past President Scott Hunter   Secretary David Barnett

AGM: Secretary. Treasurer and convenors gave their yearly reports. Directors appointed and constitution amended to:
4d) Board of Directors, shall consisit of four office bearers and six elected members. Five shall form a quorum.
      A quorum of Directors shall have at least two office bearers present
4e)   The Office Bearers and two elected members of the board shall retire each year. They shall be eligible for re-election
6b2)  General meetings written requisition signed by no fewer than 10 members.
6c)    At all General Meetings, twenty (20) shall form a quorum.
  March 2015  
Please be advised that there is a Garden Clean Up Day on Sunday 29 March starting at 11.00am, at which time all help will be greatly appreciated.  If anyone has any spare plants we could have, please bring them along.


 April 4th  2015  Opening Day

                                                                                                                  Club President Richie McInall Sen  

opening 1

Councillor Pam Clearie, Vice President Richie NcInall jnr, mum Sharon, President Richie McInall snr. and VP's finacee


 April 10th  2015 Charity Night
All Welcome to our CHARITY NIGHT ON BEHALF OF Cystic Fibrosis Trust and Alzheimer Scotland
“Yesterday Once More” A Reminiscence Session with Dave Marshall on Friday 10 April, 19:30
We received a donation of £5.00 per person..........

 May 31st  2015  Alex MacFarlane memorial Charity Day
Our sincere thanks to Glenda Montgomery and the MacFarlane family.
The sum of £1681.39 was raised for charity of which £1381.39 went to MND Scotland and £300 to the over 55’s Scotland squad to help supply boots and strips to children in Thailand.

The bowls competition final was won by a mixed rink from Carmyle & Halfway bowling clubs.
Winners: Ronnie Plunkett, Billy Shepherd, Frank Wilson, David Armstrong
Beaten finalists were a mixed rink from Halfway & Cambuslang BC
Runners-up: Charlie Davie, Gordon Spiers, John Smith, Charlie McIntyre

Of course without the fabulous support of local businesses and friends this wouldn’t have been possible and our sincere thanks to :
Asian Tandoori, Black Bull, Cambuslang Masonic 114, Chillies, Christine McNeil, Hoover Scott Crichton, James Coyle motor engineers, John & Sadie MacFarlane, Kirkhill Rangers supporters bus, Lucky Oriental, Mary Brogan florist, Marion’s hairdresser, Maestro, Night Star, Pandora’s box, Ralph Caldwell, Sandra Keary, Spanarama, Tandoori Knights,
The Tea Bay and others.

 June 06th  2015 Jimmy Hoad Memorial triples tournament
  Sixty bowlers gathered for the annual Jimmy Hoad Memorial Triples at Cambuslang and were relieved to find weather rather better than forecasts suggested. After a round robin and play-offs, the final was played between the McGovern brothers, John, Tom and Hugh, from Strathclyde Park BC, and Alex Hay, Vice President Richard McInall Junior and President Richard McInall Senior, all of Cambuslang, the Cambuslang team triumphing in an excellent final. 
                                                      hoad triples 2015
      Our thanks to Jimmy's son, sponsor Stewart Hoad of Hoad Bulk Transport for his continued support of this popular event. Every year, he goes the extra mile to make this a day to remember for all contestants. Also thanks to the match committee.
Club member Jimmy Hoad died in March 2008 ( see video tribute )

 June 19th  2015 RDBA finals
 In this years RDBA finals played at Whitefield BC we had two finalists,
 Singles championship Brian Page and Triples championship John Mitchell, Ian Skillen & Jim Kirk.
 Our triples team were runners-up to Rutherglen BC and against Kirkhill BC our singles player was triumphant.
RDBA 2015 champ
RDBA Singles Champion 2015



 All photos © Past President Will McArthur   .


See CBC Opening day Photographs photographs
 NOTE glossy photos can be seen and purchased
Canvas prints, classic coasters, classic photo mugs


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