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Cambuslang Bowling Club Juniors History
....our thanks go to the Directors and Members of CBC who over the years have given their time and effort in the coaching of our Juniors. All the wonderful moments in the Juniors history and  the fine young bowlers who have come through our ranks is thanks to their dedication....

Unfortunately due to lack of numbers we currently do not have an active Junior Section 
but I'm sure you'll fine this potted history with some old photographs interesting.



~~Junior Champion~~

2002 Richard McInall
2001 Samuel J. Johnstone
2000 Samuel J. Johnstone
1999 Roberta Connolly
1998 David Ballantyne
1997 Colin Ferguson
1996 Ian McShane
1995 Alan W. McArthur
1994 Alan W. McArthur
1993 Robert Templeton
1992 David McDonald
1991 David McDonald
1990 Stephen McShane
1989 Marlynn Latta
1988 Craig Barnett
1987 Samantha Russell
1986 Scott Beattie

Richie McInall 2002 
Junior Champion

Our Junior Section was founded in 1981, members children aged 12 to 16 were eligible then at 16 yrs they were eligible to join the Gents or Ladies section. ( Note now 10yrs to 16yrs ) A maximum of twelve juniors was allowed.

Mr John Jack in his presidential year took the junior section on a Saturday morning, then Mr.Jim Russell and Mr. Bobby Jackson took charge. In these early days the only competition the juniors were involved in was a one day open pairs tournament at Carnwath Bowling Club and indeed we were the 1988 winners with a sisters pairs team of Christine and Marlynn Latta.

In 1986 Mr.Robert Burns became the area convenor for the SYBA ( Scottish Young Bowlers Association ) and getting ideas and better organised, trophies and cups were donated from members which allowed us to run our own club competitions.

Junior Championshiop Trophy was donated by Mr & Mrs Jim Montgomery. 
Junior Pairs Competition Shield was donated by Mr.Grant Wilson. 
Australia of our members a Mr.Jim McArthur emigrated to Australia in 1987 and he donated a cup for the juniors to play for each year. Junior member Scott Burns won the trophy on the first year.
Invitation Triples Trophy... 1989 was donated by Mr. David Dorman. This competition was kept going by Mrs Margaret Dorman who  followed in her husband's footsteps and continued to sponsor the tournament through her STRATHCLYDE FANS Company.


            Invitation Triples winners 1989

David Dorman with the inaugural 
winners of the triples tournament

Cambuslang Juniors
B.Muir, Stewart Barnett & Marlynn Latta


Cambuslang Juniors v Halfway Juniors Trophy was donated by Mr. John MacFarlane. 
Cambuslang Juniors v Troon Portland Juniors Trophy was donated by Mrs. Christine Latta. 
Cambuslang Juniors v Whitefield Juniors Trophy
Unfortunately due to smaller numbers in the junior ranks these inter club competitions are no longer played. 

In 1987/1988 we won the Thornliebank League under 18 competition. Losing only one game that year our four bowlers Scott Burns, Scott Helm, Ian McNee & John MacFarlane each won a set of bowls which delighted them and their coaches, Jim Russel and Robert Burns.

juniors juniors

The Junior section was honoured again in 1991/1992 when Mr. Bob Clark was elected convenor of the SYBA
In 1993 David McDonald and Alan McArthur won the Darnley Pairs each receiving a set of bowls, which was quite nice because Alan promised, before the final, that if they won he would give the bowls to his!

 Alan McArthur & PP Alex Hart
A young Alan McArthur with Past President Alex Hart

Mr.Jimmy Russel
continued to look after our juniors with Mr Bob Clark up to 1993/4 when Norman Hart took charge and coached our juniors until 1995

Norman Hart with 
his Dad, Alex

juniors 1994
Donna Gilchrist, Louise McWhinnie, Alan McArthur, Ian McShane
Steven Connolly, Lee Rogers, Iain McArthur, Sandy Knox

Bob Clark
Glasgow District Junior Finals SYBA
Two years running we had a junior through to the final of the Glasgow District Junior Championship : -

1994 SYBA Glasgow District Junior Final was held at Uddingston Bowling Club where Alan McArthur lost the game by a single shot

1995 SYBA Glasgow District Junior Final was held at Whitevale Bowling Club and this time Alan made amends. 

1995 Winner Alan McArthur 16yrs
Glasgow District Junior Champion
1995 won the Thornliebank League under 18 competition again with players
         Louise McWhinnie, Donnie Gilchrist, Alan Dick and skip Alan McArthur 
Mr.Bob Clark took charge again & in this year we won the David Dorman Triples with Craig Burns, Ian McShane & Craig Ferguson
1997 Mr Jimmy Russell once again took charge then in 
Mr.Terry Connolly took the office of Junior Convenor and held it until 2003.

mcinall boys 2001
McInall boys 2001

Samuel-Stephen Terry
Samuel Johnstone - Stephen Boyd & coach Terry Connolly


roberta & Samuel
Roberta Connolly & Samuel Johnstone 2001

Junior Section inactive.

Junior Champion 2001
Samuel Johnstone
Bye-Laws Junior Section 5.0 
5.1 All procedures laid out in the bye-laws and elsewhere regarding play on the green and behavior in the clubhouse applies to Junior members. 
5.2 Times of play will be from 10.00 am to 1.00 pm on Saturday and from 4.30 pm until 6.30 pm on weekdays, except that between 5.30 pm and 6.30 pm, unless permission of the Board of Directors has been given, they must give way to adult members if the rink on which they are playing is required. 
5.3 Junior members are allowed the use of the clubhouse but are only allowed in the bar area on Saturday mornings until 1.00 pm 
5.4 Having reached 16 years of age, junior members with a minimum of two years membership will qualify for full membership without payment of any entry fee. 
5.5 Juniors will be accompanied by a senior person either as a player or supervisor whilst playing on the green. 
5.6 Juniors may apply for extended playing times. Requests for extended playing times should be made to the Secretary in writing 14 days before it is required. 
5.7 Juniors may be taken onto the green for a game by a member at times other than those specified if the green is available and rinks vacant. However should the rink be required for adult play, the game should cease at the next end, in favour of the adult game.

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