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  CAMBUSLANG LADIES SECTION  2004                            Ladies

Lady President 2004
 Grace Reid

Vice-President Joan Grant
Honorary Secretary May Dundas
Honorary Treasurer Grace Reid

.See more CBC ladies Opening day Photographs photographs
 NOTE larger size glossy photos can be seen and purchased


Ladies Section Fixtures 2004


13th Opening day Home


2nd Whitefield Away
. .


13th Rutherglen Away


12th Ladies v Gents Home
20th    Templeton Home 23rd Finals Week
. .


8th Lunch Bowl Home


9th Farme Home
10th  Kirkhill Away 23rd Closing & Prizegiving Home
17th Halfway Home .
. 29th Burnside Away

 My thanks to Jeanette Knox for supplying  this information


Opening day meal

Newest 2004 lady member Ann Phillips
alongside one of our older members, Mary Prentice


Sadly one of our members, Mary Prentice (picture above) passed away
Extract from messageboard, 5th Aug.2004, Elizabeth Poursanidis ( nee Prentice ), Canada.
"......I was so happy to see a picture of my gran Mary Prentice on the site. She passed away yesterday and I don't know why, but something told me to look up the CBC website. Thank you for posting that picture she looks wonderful in it and so happy. 
My dad is her son Dugald Prentice......"




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