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 SBA Regulations for Bowls Stamping
See 'Laws of the Sport' for fuller explanation

With the introduction of a new World Bowls stamp on the 1st April 2002, the following brief history aims to help clear any confusion with regards to the domestic game, i.e. club, county, and National Championships, of male outdoor bowls in Scotland:

The only stamps which will be accepted on bowls used in events which come under the control of the SBA are one of the Bullet stamps dated 1997 or later or the World Bowls stamp 2002. The BIBC Round or Oval stamp used prior to 1987 is no longer acceptable regardless of year shown.

Prior to 1987

Without going back in the realms of bowls history, in the years leading up to 1986 there were two valid stamps in Scotland:

1) The round B.I.B.C. stamp :-
2) The oval B.I.B.C stamp :-

The stamp had to be legible and the year on the stamp had to be at least the current year.
' These stamps are no longer acceptable '

1987 - 1994

On the 1st June 1987 an International Bowling Board (BIB) stamp was phased in, and by the 1st January 1988 all new and re-tested bowls bore this new stamp:

From this time on all stamps have carried the following information:-

Authority BIB - International Bowling Board
Manufacturer A, is Taylors Bowls.
Year of Expiry 1997 (expiry being ten years from the date of stamping)
Registered Trade Mark R

So as of the 1988 season in Scotland, acceptable stamps were the 2 B.I.B.C. stamps and the new BIB stamp. Again stamps had to have an expiry date of at least the current year.

1993 - 2002

During 1993 a new World Bowls Board (WBB) stamp was introduced and as of 1st January 1994 all new and re-tested bowls bore this stamp:

Prior to the start of the season in 1994, the council of the SBA decided to dispense with re-testing and re-stamping of bowls. With the new stamp there are now 4 acceptable stamps, provided that they were legible and had an expiry date of 1993 or later. Subsequently in 1996 the SBA introduced a Scottish Variation to the Laws of the Game:


On the 1st of April 2002 a new World Bowls (WB) stamp was introduced:

As from 1st April 2002 all new and re-tested bowls will bear this stamp. 
However during the 2002 season the existing SBA regulations were in force.

2004 and Beyond

For the season 2004 - Bowls must be stamped 1997 or later.

In the new issue of Laws of the Sport due out early March 2004  

Note:     The SBA's rules on stamping are not the same as those of the SWBA




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