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SOCIAL.........last seasons social events


Social News

Bar opening hours  2003 - 04

 2003-2004 events

This Years Social Events

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 this seasons events

Note these are core times hours 
on social functions the bar is open until 1.00 am


October 2003
11th  Quiz Night
18th  Prize Giving
25th  Cabaret


November 2003
8th    Quiz Night
14th  Cabaret


December 2003
5th  Beggars Row
20th Quiz
21st OAP party
27th private party
31st  Hogmanay 


January 2004
10th  Quiz Night
16th Sports quiz
24th Cabaret


Februry 2004
7th   Quiz Night
14th private party
21st Cabaret


March  2004
6th Burns/Scottish
13th  Quiz Night
19th private party

Tues - Wed -Thurs

 18.30 - 23.00
 18.30 - 23.00
 18.30 - 01.00
 11.00 - 01.00
 13.00 - 23.00

Quiz Nights

The Close season Social events kicked-off again in October 2003 with a series of Quiz Nights from our very own Davie Davidson, known as Squirrel.
A few years ago a young squirrel ran into the clubhouse and was hiding under one of the tables. the bold Davie came to the rescue.....warned everyone to stay clear, as he quietly tip-toed over to pick up the Squirrel......... WHICH PROMPTLY BIT HIS FINGERS AS HE YELLED IN PAIN THE SQUIRREL HELD ON TIGHT, WHILST THE REST OF THE CLUB ROARED WITH LAUGHTER.............thus the nickname
Squirrel was born. 

            NICE ONE !

Quiz Nights 
Sat. 11th Oct.2003
Sat.  8th Nov.2003
Sat. 20th Dec.2003
Sat. 10th Jan.2004
Sat.  7th Feb.2004
Sat. 13th Mar.2004


Beggars Row website

Beggars Row

.......A Scottish Folk Band who always 
bring the house down!


5th December 2003....... 7.30 - 8.00 pm


24th January 2004

Cabaret...... Marion Martell / Paul French


21st February 2004



PiggeryBrae click here

A Scottish evening wi' Burns
6th March 2004

Folk band 'Piggery Brae' & guests

Holy Willie - Kenny Wilson
Immortal memory - Dave Barnett
Toast tae lassies - Jim Torrance





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