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  AGM 13th Feb 2007  at 7.15pm.  President W.McArthur hands over to VP J.Low

 Season 2006 -2007   highlights page



 Hogmanay 2006-07 organisers

President Will.McArthur & Past President Harry Faulds suitably attired to welcome our members and friends!

 Oct 7th 2006  Closing Day  2:00pm
       There was a short presentation of prizes prior to the closing day bowling match, I also took the opportunity to thank the members for their tremendous support throughout the bowling season, especially at our parish games.
Over thirty members came along to the closing day and we enjoyed a lovely afternoon's bowling, a few drinks, then Scotland gubbed France 1-0 at Hampden !!
        Well that's the bowling season over ..... I have been very honoured to have  represented Cambuslang BC as President, a club I joined in 1989 and one I have great affection for. I have had great support all year from the members and special mention must go to Derek McCutcheon & Alex Hardie who have worked tirelessly all year in and around the club. I also thank my Board of Directors and again special mention goes to Match Secretary Harry Faulds, Greens Convenor Peter Phillips, VP Jim Low, Treasurer Alex Helm and Hon President Jim Montgomery Sen. It would have been very difficult without their wonderful support.
         We now move into the 'close season' and monthly cabaret's and quiz nights, I hope the members continue to support the club, unfortunately with my 'band' commitments I will miss most of the cabarets but thanks are also due to our Social committee who continue year on year to bring much needed revenue into the club.......... President Will.McArthur

 Sept 24th 2006 Kirkhill BC v CBC  2:00pm
This is Kirkhill BC Centenary year and we were delighted to take five rinks to our near neighbours.
Kirkhill Bowling Club opened in 1906 and Cambuslang Bowling Club was one of their main sponsors and indeed we played our very first parish game against each other in 1906 which made this venue very important to the two Presidents.

front: Cambuslang VP Jim Low, President Will.McArthur, Kirkhill President Morris Smith, VP Jim Cunningham

President Will McArthur of Cambuslang BC & President Morris Smith of Kirkhill BC have been friends for over 20 years and both of them eagerly awaited today's game. Cambuslang BC presented Kirkhill with a commemorative centenary gift and both Presidents exchanged club badges symbolically cementing the friendship between both clubs.
The weather was very wet and the green conditions stopped play after 4 ends. The rest of the afternoon was spent renewing old friendships and talking of the old days. Hopefully this fixture will be played for another 100 years.

 Sept 17th 2006 Hoover tournament  10:00am

 Sept 9th 2006 CBC v Scarborough  2:00pm

 Sept 2nd 2006 CBC v Carmyle BC 2:00pm
Lovely afternoon with VP Jim Low leading Cambuslang's five triples to a 17 shot victory against our near neighbours from across the river Clyde.



                   A club record 8 times Championship winner Jim Montgomery Jnr. with his proud father Honorary President Jim Montgomery Sen.



Friday 25th August 6.00pm
Nominated Pairs Alan Johnston / Jim Montgomery jnr


  Alex Hay / Jim Page 18 - 7

Balloted Pairs

Willie Rae / Jim Low


  Alex Lattimer / Walter McNair

18 - 17


Sat 26th August 2.00pm  followed by Presentation of Prizes  &   Race Night in the evening.
Championship  Jim Montgomery Jnr V   Craig Jamieson 21 - 11
Jim Boyd trophy  Kenny Walton V   Jim Kirk 18 - 21
Handicap  Robert Park V   Brian Page 21 - 14
Seniors singles  Jim Low V   Willie Rae 21 - 12


Presidents  Colin Thomson V   Sandy Knox not played
Harry Noble trophy  Jim Kirk V   Matt Marks 21 - 8
Club Triples  July 2nd Tom McNee, Alex Latimer and John MacDonald (skip) V Colin Thompson, Scott Russell and Colin Johnston  
Monday nights points winners      


We had a fabulous finals & presentation day and the photo above has many of the players
runners-up and winners from the weekend.
Very pleased also to have the Lady President and some of her winners on the green
Jim Kirk, Alex Hay, W.Rae, K.Walton, C.Jamieson, J.Low, R.Park, N.McDonald, B.Page,
J.Johnston, A.Johnston, M.Russell, W.McNair, J.Knox, A.Lattimer, C.Monaghan, H,Faulds

front: Champion Jim Montgomery with President Will McArthur


Aug 19th 2006  President's Ryder Cup competition

Ryder Cup 'captain'

President's invited guests and the Directors comprise the 24 players in this tournament.
This competition has become one of the most popular in our calendar and places are much sought after. The players are drawn into two teams of 12, one group representing the President and the other representing the Vice-President who play against each other in singles, pairs, triples & rinks. Points and shots are carefully noted after each game.

We had a fabulous day, great weather and a happy friendly atmosphere permeated the whole day. Hospitality drinks were imparted and Eileen laid on a fabulous buffet meal ably assisted by Ann Phillips & my auntie May Low.

Results ....... the days bowling ended with
President Will McArthur's team 24 points + 175 shots
Vice-President Jim Low's team 26 points + 170 shots
Top player was Past President Peter Phillips +23 shots
Booby prize went to Director John Irvine -18 shots

The 24 players : - Walter McNair, Harry Faulds, Jim Marshall, Alex Helm, Derek McCutcheon, Bob Clark, Kenny Walton, Stuart McGregor, Jim Meikle, Ian Skillen, Richie McInall, John Irvine, Andy Robinson, Jim Page, Sandy McKean, Billy Dunsmore, Alex Hardie, Alex Lattimer, Terry Connolly, Peter Phillips, John Barton, Jim Forsyth.
Front :- President Will.McArthur  & Vice- President Jim Low

The evening finished off party style when many of the ladies came along to the club at 7.30 to join up with us for an impromptu social evening and sing-along. Once again a thank you to Eileen for providing a superb 'supper'.
Yes an excellent day all round and I personally thank everyone for making this day a special one.  See more photos

 Aug 12th 2006  CBC v LANARKSHIRE  2:00pm   
 Aug 5th 2006  Claremont BC v CBC  2:00pm   
.4 rinks - bus left from Cambuslang at 1.00pm.
 Very enjoyable day had by all our members who were picked up at 7.30pm after a great days bowling.   Our hosts won on the day and deserved their victory.

.. .. . .  


See CBC Opening day Photographs photographs

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