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 Apr 29th 2011   Royal Wedding Party.....

We held a right Royal celebration to celebrate the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton, and raise some much needed funds for our club.
Champagne and canapés on arrival from 10.30 till 11am and then watched the wedding from 11am till noon. After the wedding there was a bowls tournament followed by afternoon tea, more bowls and an evening buffet to top it all off.

Donna Hunter, manager of the bowling club bar, helped to organise the event and she said: “It was myself and my mum (Isabel Ferguson) who decided to arrange the party.

We were on holiday and were thinking of things to try as the club is in need of a new roof and a few other things as well, possibly a new floor. “We were thinking of things to do to raise funds and knowing that the Royal Wedding is coming up and we thought we would do something based on that theme. “However, to do something like this we had to go to the Cambuslang Bowling Club committee and this took us four weeks to get the go ahead. “The committee pick the people who are going to organise the event so they chose Past President Ian Skillen, the treasurer and Nancy McDonald who is one of the Lady Past presidents.”

Tickets were £10 each and the event was open to club members and friends. Treasurer at the bowling club, Ian Skillen, concluded: “The whole thing is just a bit of fun. Since it was a holiday we thought we’d try and get a few people down to the club.

The Royal Wedding party was  a great success.  Everyone who turned up was very impressed. They all came dressed as if they were going to a wedding, and Donna welcomed everyone with champagne and canapés. “Everyone sat and watched the wedding and thoroughly enjoyed it, and afterwards everyone was playing bowls, bowlers and non-bowlers, and had a game of bingo to pass the afternoon before the band arrived at night. We raised £505, which beat our target and everyone was very pleased with that. We had loads of prizes and raffles, it was a really good fun event.

 “The majority of people were there the full day, from 10.30am till midnight. It was a great day which everyone will remember for a long time.”The bowling club would like to thank Donna for organising the event along with her mother, Isobel, Past President Ian Skillen, the club treasurer, and Past Lady President Nancy McDonald.

May 7th 2011   Whitefield BC v Cambuslang BC
 This 'away' parish match against our near neighbours Whitefield BC was played at Cambuslang BC as Whitefield had double booked !  We had a lovely afternoons bowls, the weather was kind to us and after a lovely meal and a few refreshments the scores were announced... Cambuslang 61, Whitefield 69



May 14th 2011

Balloted Pairs...
Thirty competitors in 3 sections of 5.  In the final Gordon Dick & John Barton beat Terry Connolly & Brian Page,  8 - 3 



May 29th 2011

Alex MacFarlane Memorial Charity Day
Once again our thanks to our organisers Jim Montgomery jnr, his wife Glenda and Past President Harry Faulds for all their work in raising a massive £2,500 for this years beneficiaries. A big thank you to all the people who donated so many prizes for the annual raffle draw.



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