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  Sept. 15th - 17th 2017   Finals Weekend

Finalists 2017
Some of our 2017 Finalists
~ ~ ~
                     Past President Richie McInall Snr played in three finals and his son Past President Richie McInall Jnr was in two finals.
On Friday evening two single finals, the Boyd and Handicap were played with our main day the Saturday hosting four finals.
The Championship, Presidents, Seniors and Noble competitions.  Leaving Sunday to host the Nominated Pairs final.
The main event of course was the Championship where Richie McInall Jnr was playing four times club champion Craig Jamieson.
Congratulations to Craig Jamieson on winning the Club Championship for the fifth time.  Past President Richie McInall sen. won the President's and Boyd trophies.  The Handicap trophy was won by Past President Richie McInall jnr, the Noble tophy was won by John Hill and the Seniors trophy was won for the third time by Past President Will McArthur.
The Nominated Pairs was played on Sunday afternoon and after seventeen ends the win was settled by a measure at the last end for John McLaughlan and Richie McInall sen. to win 15-14.

Our thanks to the match convenor Alan Johnston for organising the day and thanks to Hon.President Ian Skillen for his umpire duties.
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Craig Jamieson v
Richie McInall jnr PP 21 - 07
Richie McInall sen PP
John McInall 21 - 14
Jim Boyd
Richie McInall sen PP v
James McGall Pres 21 - 10
Harry Noble
John Hill
Stan Clark
21 - 07
Richie McInall jnr PP v
Will McArthur PP 21 - 14
Seniors Will McArthur PP v
Peter Phillips PP 21 - 10
John McLaughlan /
Richie McInall sen PP
Bobby Thomson /
Craig Jamieson
15 - 14


champion 2017
Club Champion 2017 Craig Jamieson

Mcinalls 2017
Father and son Past Presidents Richie McInall jnr and snr.
Richie jnr was runner-up in the Championship and won the Handicap trophy
Richie snr won the Presidents and Boyd trophies along with the Nominated Pairs.

Noble Trophy
John Hill  v  Stan Clark
Seniors Championship
Hon.President Peter Phillips  v  Past President Will McArthur

nom pairs

  Nominated Pairs winners
  Richie McInall sen and John McLaughlan.
  A very close final settled by a measure at the
  last end to get a win 15 shots to 14.
champ presi
Champion Craig Jamieson with President James McGall

   30 Sept 2017
   Balloted  Pairs
 Balloted Pairs tournament took place on Saturday 30th September where we had a twelve team draw.
 After an excellent day, good weather and green in top condition the winners were Hon.President Ian Skillen and Ralph Caldwell.
balloted pairs 2017
Balloted Pairs Winners 2017
Hon.President Ian Skillen and Ralph Caldwell

   07 Oct 2017
   Closing Day

     Closing Day pairs winners Hon.President Peter Phillips and President James McGall

                                                                                                              closing day winners

 Nov. 04th 2017  Jimmy Marshall
Jimmy Marshall
Past Pres. Robert Burns - Past Pres. Bob Clark - Jimmy Marshall
A photo I took of Jimmy Marshall with two of his many pals at Cambuslang BC taken on 2014 opening day.
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
              Sadly after a long illness with Parkinson's disease Jimmy died in the Glasgow Royal Infirmary in the early hours of Saturday morning on the 04th of November. Jimmy had been a member of the club for over 31 years having joined in 1986 when John MacFarlane was the then Club President.  Jimmy was a character and his stiff upright mode of walking got him the nickname 'Sgt.Major'.
           He had many friends in the club especially his Friday night mates who he regularly played dominoes with and by all accounts he was a canny player.  Robert Burns, Bob Clark, Brian Hughes, Robert Park, John MacDonald, Ian Skillen to name but a few had many a Friday night tussle with their old pal. 
            Unfortunately a couple of years ago his health deteriorated and he was taken into Rodger Park Care Home  A lovely man who will be fondly remembered by everyone at Cambuslang BC.   Our sincere condolences go to his family.
Funeral arrangements 
Saturday 11th Nov. 10:15 at South Lanarkshire Crematorium then to the Burnside Hotel
Jimmy Marshall middle row, third from the right.

Feb. 01st 2018 Jim Meikle
Jim Meikle
Big Jim singing at the 2004 club opening day.
~ ~ ~
Jim was born in Aug 1935 and was 82 years old
seniors 2006
Jim & Cathie 2007
Sadly our longest serving member Jim Meikle died on the evening of 1st Feb. after a long illness.
Jim joined the club we reckon in 1964 which was 54 years a member!  He had many many friends in the club and was also well kent at various other bowling clubs.

He and his wife Past Lady President Cathie were ever present at our cabarets where they were joined by lifelong friends Past President Jim Low and his wife May Low.

Jim was a proud Cambuslang B.C. member and he will be buried in his club blazer, shirt and tie.  A lovely big man who will be fondly remembered by everyone at Cambuslang B.C.   Our sincere condolences go to his wife Cathie and the family.

Funeral arrangements
    via Birrell Corrance:
1.45 at Daldowie on Monday 12th February, then back to the bowling club.
                                      Club uniform optional
memorium service


 All photos Past President Will McArthur   .


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