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  Sat. 27th July 2019   Birrell Corrance  Mixed Triples
 Cambuslang BC  sponsored mixed triples by local funeral directors
 BIRRELL CORRANCE, 10 Johnson Drive, Cambuslang, G72 8JW. Tele 0141 237 4770 (24hrs)
Robert Birrell - President Alex Latimer - Ross Birrell
Cambuslang BC enjoyed a great Sponsors day on Saturday with Birrell Corrance Funeral Directors
Funeral Directors Robert Birrell & Ross Birrell started the proceedings by wishing all the teams every success!
A total of twenty triples managed along to our club for the sponsored triples day and many were
happy to snap up the freebies brought  along by our sponsor Robert Birrell and his nephew Ross.
Four sections of five teams played with the 4 section winners playing in the semi-final. It was a great day apart from the weather!
Unfortunately it rained on and off very heavily all day.

The final was played late on the day with a Cambuslang triple against a triple from our neighbours Whitefield BC   

triple finalist
Cambuslang  Will.McArthur, Ann Phillips, Jim Kirk   &    Whitefield  Joyce Kelly, David Kelly, Jim Hefferland

and the winners were:


 Our thanks to match director Jim Low and to everyone who came along to support this sponsored tournament.
 Special thanks to our sponsor Birrell Corrance for their sponsorship and for all the work they do in the community.



  20th August 2019
 RDBA  Triples League
 The Rutherglen District Bowling Association (RDBA) is made up of twelve bowling clubs namely:
 Burnside, Cambuslang, Croftfoot, Halfway, Kirkhill, Kingswood, Overtoun, Rutherglen, St.Leonards, Templeton, Tollcross and Whitefield. 
 Each year over an eleven week period, between June and August, twenty-two games are played home and away in the triples league

Every year the league title is
keenly fought for, in good sportsmanship, and often goes to the very last week to declare the winner.
This year was no exception
and as you can see from the table it was very close.

Cambuslang winning by one point with a finish of 28 points and +79 shots.

RDBA Triples League
RDBA 2019 league

CBC Triples Team 2019
Team 1: Jim Kirk PP, Ian Skillen PP, Will McArthur PP    &   Team2: Alex Latimer President, Brian Page, John Mitchell VP
Also during the year we used three subs: Jim Low PP, Peter Phillips PP and Willie Rae

Morris Smith RDBA (
Secretary/Treasurer/Convenor) presenting trophy to President Alex Latimer.




 All photos Past President Will McArthur   .


Opening day Photographs


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