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.... a social history of Cambuslang Bowling Club

 Gents 2024  page 1                                           150th Anniversary      1874 - 2024  

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Our sincere thanks to all involved in looking after the affairs of the club
The Ladies section is celebrating 100 years this year, (1924-2024), the Lady President is Peter's wife, Ann
Excellent 2024 anniversary booklet produced by Hon.President Ian Skillen


Welcome to this very special season for Cambuslang Bowling Club.
150 years for the Gents section and 100 years for the Ladies is no small achievement. As we go into this special year with a much-upgraded clubhouse, an enthusiastic membership and a healthy balance sheet, there is much to look forward to.

We must all be grateful to those volunteers from the committee and general membership who have worked so hard in the clubhouse and on the surrounds to bring about our smart new look for the 2024 season.
It is a great honour to fill these prestigious positions at the best of times, and even more so in this doubly historic year. For a husband and wife to fill the roles together is even more special. We are grateful to the Committees of both the Ladies and Gents Sections for all their efforts and support so far and in the months to come.
This special year will include a number of events still in the planning stages, so our fixtures show only those arranged so far keep your eyes on the club website for updates and additional events, both on and off the green. Lastly, to all members, friends and sponsors of the club, we wish you a happy and successful 2024 and look forward to meeting up with you all over the season to come.

Best wishes,
Peter and Ann Phillips

  13th Feb 2024, 7:30pm
 Club AGM                

             AGM AGENDA 2024

1. Apologies

President Andy Robinson opening remarks
Minutes of AGM 2022

Secretaries report
Convenors reports :  House / Green / Match / Social

Finance report
Auditors remarks

President Andy Robinson retiring remarks

       9. Election of office bearers :
President: Peter Phillips Hon.Pres

Vice President:
Will McArthur PP

Ann Phillips PP

Ian Skillen Hon. Pres

       10. Election of Members to the Board of Directors
         3 years : Bill Dunsmore PP
Derek Stibbs Fred Stibbs
         2 years :
Alex Latimer PP

James McGall

         1 year   :
Peter Phillips Hon. Pres

John Hill

      Sub-Committees Convenors :
Ian Skillen Hon Pres. House & Ba
Peter Phillips Hon. Pres.
John Hill           
James McGall Seniors 
Jimmy Lindsay Social 
John McKillop PP

   11. Election of Auditors

       12. Election of Association Representatives :
   Bowls Scotland:
Peter Phillips Hon.Pres
      Scottish Bowlers Fellowship:
Ian Skillen Hon Pres.
   Glasgow B A:
Will McArthur PP

      Rutherglen District B Assoc: Peter Phillips Hon. Pres
   Honorary Presidents :  David A. Barnett, Peter Phillips, Ian Skillen 

   Webmaster :  Will McArthur PP

Annual fees recommend no increase 14.
New President's remarks
Any other competent business       

We all wish our new President for 2024/25 a happy, healthy and prosperous term in office
in this our momentous 150th Anniversary!

1874 - 2024


~ ~ ~


Opening day Photographs


Gents index  2024 page1, Refurb Burns Supper, Opening1&2page6, page7, page8,            




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