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 Lawn Green Outdoor bowls club in South Lanarkshire, near Glasgow    Scotland  UK

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 Our History 1941 - 1960  Learn from the past ....use well the future





Our 125th anniversary






Robert Weir was our club Champion in 1899 (see photo) and club President in 1921
He left the club sometime thereafter and joined Kirkhill B.C.
In 1941 he became President of the Glasgow Bowling Association.

This programme, a couple of old photographs and Robert's 'silver jack' were
handed in to the club by an old neighbour Robert Carty.

Robert Weir 1941


 GBA 1941-1


 GBA 1941-2


 GBA 1941-3








Cambuslang BC bowler playing for Scotland - John Morrison sen   (front row 4th from left)
John Morrison sen
was born in 1892,
was President in 1941and made Hon.President in 1957
John was a Scottish capped bowler and won the club championship on three occasions 1941, 1945, 1949

His son John Morrison jnr was born in 1918 and was 45yrs old when President in 1963
He won the club championship in 1958 and 1966



1939-45 World War II



no date for this picture  circa 1950s

Extract from email Feb.2008
I have come across a photo of my Gran Jenny Burt at what looks like a bowling club event. I just needed to know if it is your bowling club and if you have any info on how long she was a member of your club etc.
I just wanted to put it in her hobbies in the book i am writing (this is just a family book nothing else). I have attached the photos and if you would like to use them on your website, please do.
    Angela Higgins


Can date this picture as 1955 as the gentleman front row third from the right wearing the Cambuslang Bowling Club's President's badge is President R.Liddell ( He is front row no.1 in the photo below)


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Lanarkshire Trophy Winners - 1960




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