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 Lawn Green Outdoor bowls club in South Lanarkshire, near Glasgow    Scotland  UK

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New cladding added to the building - photo taken Feb.2008


March 2008 - new decking area being built



Decking more photos


Glasgow Bowling Association - President 1997
Cambuslang BC Past President Grant Wilson became a Director of the GBA in 1988.
Cambuslang BC bestowed Honorary President on him in 1997 as recognition of his work with the GBA.

After his year as GBA President, Grant continued his involvement with the Glasgow 'under 25' teams and was made President of the Scottish Bowling League for under 25s in 2003. He also generously presented to the GBA a Vice-President's chain of office and a trophy for the competition at the annual game between the GBA Directors and the Directors of the Ayrshire Bowling Association.
Grant was President of Cambuslang BC in 1971, then in 1978 he took on another year as President.
Grant died suddenly at the Scottish Cup Final at Hampden Stadium on Saturday 25th May 2008, watching his beloved Rangers win the cup.  His funeral took place on Friday 6th June 2008 and as a mark of respect the green was closed.

Email received June 2008, Annie Schiefer, Toronto, Canada.
To the President/Directors/Webmaster of Cambuslang Bowling Club:
On behalf of my mother, Olga Rankin (Grant Wilson's wife), my son, Jamie, husband Jim, Isobel Islip, Violet (Grant's sister-in-law), Grant's nephews and nieces and extended family and friends, may I extend heartfelt thanks to the Cambuslang Bowling Club for opening its doors for the reception following the memorial service, and for paying its respects to my step-father, Grant, by closing the green and lowering the flag. I read on your website the wonderful tribute to him and was deeply touched by it.
While my mom, Olga, lives in Canada along with my family, our heart is in Scotland. Grant loved his Scots heritage too and was passionate about his football, bowling and family. Grant's good nature touched many people, and his generous heart knew no bounds. We were indeed fortunate to meet some of Grant's friends at Cambuslang and I hope many of you are enjoying Grant's collection of ties and pins.
Special thanks to Grant's friend, Jim Proctor, who offered a toast at the reception and told us yet another story about Grant's generous spirit. Thanks also go to the President and Executive of the Club for so willingly allowing us to have the reception on the premises Grant so enjoyed being a part of for many years.
It is still hard to believe this special man will not be flying back to us here in Toronto. Only time will heal the void in our hearts. I only hope he is playing bowls with his buddies for his smile shines down on us, along with the memory of his twinkling, mischievous blue, blue eyes. Bless you, Grant.
Thank you again, Cambuslang Bowling Club!
Sincerely, Annie Schiefer on behalf of Olga Rankin and Grant's family


Presidents of the club, 7th June 2008

J.Montgomery sen
1977, 1992
John MacFarlane
Robert Burns
Bob Clark
Jas Irvine
Alex Hart
Harry Faulds
1993, 1997
Jim Kirk
J.Montgomery jun
Charlie Davie
Alex Latimer
Peter Phillips
Billy Dunsmore
Will McArthur
Jim Low
Ian Skillen
 Past President W.McArthur, webmaister organised this historic photograph


Cambuslang Bowling Club 'Daldowie Lounge' - an area for our club photographs
and used by the President of the club to dispense hospitality

June 2008


Hon. President James McKissock Montgomery (1935-2008)  -  see tribute



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