Cambuslang Bowling Club

 Lawn Green Outdoor bowls club in South Lanarkshire, near Glasgow    Scotland  UK

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Our Clubhouse       2006              







   The clubhouse was redecorated and refurbished for opening day 2006, our honours boards
 all housed on one wall & club photographs moved to one area, wallpapered, new carpet etc 



At the bar end of the club we have the now famous Daldowie Lounge.

This is the area used by the President to dispense hospitality.......... 
an informal Directors room started in 2004, by the then President Peter Phillips


Daldowie Lounge. see original 2004 photos


Our Bar


Like all clubs we rely heavily on the goodwill of members and we do thank a lot of people for giving up their time to work for the club. The refurbishment of the club was a massive project and thanks go to many members but special mention is given to ..... 
Vice President Jim Low, Derek McCutcheon, Alex Hardie & John Stevenson.  

 Above photos all taken May2006.

October 2006 Bowling season now over and we move into the winter events, to that end we have upgraded our TV.


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