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 May 1st 2010   Burnside BC v Cambuslang BC
 May 8th 2010   Cambuslang BC v Whitefield BC
 May 15th 2010  Balloted Pairs tournament
 Past statistics showed that members were having difficulties in arranging ties for the balloted pairs competition. The Match Committee therefore this year arranged a trial one-day-event.
Twenty-two members turned up for the ballot, with their packed lunches. Two sections, one of five and one of six, were formed with the two highest up from each section playing a semi-final. The finalists were Terry Connolly/John Barton against Sandy McKean/Kenny Walton with the eventual winners Sandy & Kenny.
It was a very successful day helped by the good weather and friendly atmosphere generated. Our thanks to Past President Jim Low who organised and ran the event.
 May 23rd 2010  Ryder Cup
 Another very successful Ryder Cup day organised and run by Past President Will.McArthur. TheVice President's team won by 20 points. A big thank you to President Phillips and the ladies who provided the food.
May 30th 2010  Alex MacFarlane Memorial Charity Day
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