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                                   150th Anniversary      1874 - 2024   
Excellent 2024 anniversary booklet produced by Hon.President Ian Skillen
Extract from minute 12th October 1874 
A meeting of local business men, presided over by Mr.W.B.Dick agreed to the formation of a bowling club on land adjacent to Wellshot Drive and to enter into the necessary contracts for same. 
The Committee appointed to oversee this development was: 
President. W.B.Dick         Vice-President. H.M.Fyffe            Secretary.W.H.Davidson          Treasurer. G.Campbell
However well intentioned these gentlemen were, the task they had set themselves was to prove financially onerous.
At the outset they had to purchase 15,000 turfs at £7 and 10 shillings per thousand. This did not include the transportation cost nor the laying of the green. By 2nd November 1875 they were in debt to the City Bank for £300 a considerable sum in those days considering a good wage in 1875 was 3 old pence an hour. The relatively short history of Wellshot Bowling Club was plagued with financial problems which eventually simply overwhelmed these visionaries.

1875 Clubhouse erected         
1877 matches arranged with Rutherglen, Uddingston and East Kilbride Bowling Clubs
1894 Lavatory installed

12 March 1895  The shareholders agreed that all assets and property of Wellshot Bowling Club be handed over to the current Board of Directors and Playing Members, on condition that they would undertake liability for all debts and obligations. This been agreed Wellshot Bowling Club disappeared into history to be replaced by Cambuslang Bowling Club Ltd                                                     
~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
Hon. President Peter Phillips
Hon.President Peter Phillips joined Cambuslang Bowling Club in 1998 and very quickly established himself as a member who would work for and on behalf of the club. Three years later he became a director and in the year 2004 was our club President. In that year we had a very successful bowling tour of Dublin and a 'charity day' record amount raised, £2890, for the childrens hospice charity CHAS.
Peter has taken on many duties, treasurer, house convenor, bar convenor and over the years has saved and raised £thousands for the club, a tireless worker for the club and for the community. In 2008 he was recognised and awarded a Community Service Award by South Lanarkshire Council
He became President of the club again in 2010 and in recognition for his contribution to Cambuslang Bowling Club he was made an Honorary President at our AGM in 2016, the 21st President in our history to be given this honour.
I must also mention at this time another stalwart of our club, that is Hon.President Ian Skillen.
Ian was the unanimous choice to be President in this our 150th Anniversary, proposed by Peter, however due to some health issues Ian was unable to accept and the members and Ian thereafter asked Peter to have the honour.
Hon.President Peter Phillips humbly accepted and thanked Ian for the sterling work he has done for the club and we all wish Ian good health and thank Peter for accepting the Presidency in this our 150th Anniversary.

President 2004
President 2010
Hon.President 2016

The Ladies section is celebrating 100 years this year, (1924-2024), the Lady President is Peter's wife, Ann

~ ~ ~

  06th April
 GENTS Opening Day 2024                                 Page1 / Page2
   Opening Day 2024, our 150th Anniversary and it was one of the busiest's opening days we can remember.
   The clubhouse was full to capacity and Hon. President Peter Phillips and the Directors ensured everyone was made welcome.
   Peter's hospitaly was excellent and thankfully the weather picked up and we were able to open the green and play some bowls.
   Hon.President Ian Skillen and club treasuer said " What a great Opening Day. Well done Peter and Ann. But well done Committee. Been here a long time but never seen a committee work so very well together. Everyone covered every base and everyone covered everyone else. Good luck President Peter - the future  is in good hands."
members 150th
Some of the Gents members on Opening Day
~ ~ ~

Presi - VP
Hon.President Peter Phillips and wife Ann                     -                        Eileen and Vice President Will McArthur
~ ~ ~

~ ~ ~

Lady President Ann Phillips opens the green with the first delivery of the jack and bowls for season 2024


~ ~ ~
Presi v VP
President's and VP's rinks
~ ~ ~
Peter & Ann
Hon.President Peter Phillips & Lady President Ann Phillips
~ ~ ~



 All photos © Past President Will McArthur   .


Opening day Photographsphotos by Past President Will McArthur


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