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    July 2020
   Corona Virus Regulations

The committee is happy to announce that we will begin the process of reopening as from Friday 17th July 2020.
Initially, we will combine bowling sessions with bar opening on a limited basis till we see how things go.

The attached notice gives full details of the rules both for bar and bowling green.
All members are requested to stick to the letter of each of these requirements.
Failure to do so will inevitably result in further closures.

Looking forward to seeing you all again soon,

Ian Skillen, Hon.President
On behalf of the committee

Proposals for Re-Opening Club & Bar under Corona Virus Regulations

We will be start to re-open the bar as from Friday 17th July subject to a number of conditions.
The general rule of TWO (2) metre distancing is still in operation, however pubs and clubs are permitted to
reduce this to ONE (1) metre if they have “mitigation” in place.
This means that we need to take extra precautions to protect both customers and staff from the likelihood of cross-infections.
These “mitigation” measures include:-

• No standing at bar – all customers to be seated – we will provide table service.
• Staff to wear face coverings – staff will wear disposable masks and gloves
• Systems in place for ordering and payment – we will run a “tab” system to minimise handling of Cash.
• Clear systems for safe use of Toilets - One-way traffic down corridor.
    Members exiting toilets should do so via the Back Door.
    Only ONE customer in each toilet at any one time! Customers must wait 2m apart in corridor till toilet free.
• Good Ventilation – all windows and doors will remain open.
• Good signage – floor and wall signs will be in place throughout the bar area.
• No background noise – so no TV or Music.
• Extra Sanitisation Measures – all customers must sanitise their hands on entry; Staff will clear tables and spray every 30 minutes.
• Furniture Arrangements – Furniture has been set up so that no-one sits within 1 metre of anyone else and, where possible, does not   
    directly face anyone.   Furniture must not be moved from the pre-set arrangement.
• Group Seating – No more than 4 customers are permitted at any one table unless two or more are from the same household,
     in which case representatives of two or three households may sit together provided pre-set furniture arrangements are maintained!

Proposed Opening Hours
For a trial period, The following hours will operate until further notice:
although it must be noted that bowling restrictions still apply, see below:

Friday Bowling       6pm till 9pm BAR   6pm till 11pm
       Friday evening bounce game open to all members Gents & Ladies
Saturday CLOSED


Monday Bowling
7pm till 9pm 11pm
Gents promiscous
Wednesday Bowling 10am till 12.30 - Gents seniors


8th August
Bowling 12 noon draw
       Balloted Pairs Competition  NO catering
       Bring your own food or Fish Suppers?

Rules for Bowling:
Please be clear – these are not OUR rules, they are the LAW and the committee is obliged to ensure that they are enforced. We realise that these are quite restrictive, but only strict adherence will allow us to play at all.

• Only one member in the locker room/toilet at any one time.
    Please queue on 2m marks in the corridor and then exit by back door only. The committee will strictly enforce this.
• Bring Your Own Mat and only you handle it (a standard door mat will do the job) or use your own beer mat as in crown bowls.
• Take out two Pre-sanitised Jacks and leave one at each end to be set by foot. The jack is NEVER thrown.
• No players to be within 2 metres of anyone else at any point. Keep your distance at all times!
• No bowls to be touched by hand other than when throwing them.
• Maximum 4 players per rink unless two or more from same household. All 6 rinks may now be used in same session.
• Spectators are permitted but due to two-metre rule, no more than one to a bench which must then be sprayed by the committee after use.
• No Smoking or Alcohol on Green as ashtrays and bins are not permitted. Empty soft drink cans must be taken away with you.
All the above rules and regulations are subject to change from time to time
                             as the law may require and as club circumstances dictate.
                                              By Order of the Committee, July 2020.

CBC Covid-19 phase 3 rules pdf

covid-19 phase 3





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