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 Lady President Tricia Coyle


2013 Opening Day, Tuesday 9th April 2.00pm

President Tricia Coyle with her committee


Vice President Nancy MacDonald, Past President Liz Powers and President Tricia Coyle.


Lady President throws the opening bowl

     (my thanks to Lady Past President Ann Phillips for these photos)

July 14th 2013 Ladies Ryder Cup
The Ladies held their annual Ryder Cup tournament on Sunday 14th July in glorious sunshine. Thanks go to President Trisha Coyle for her hospitality and Past President Peter Phillips for running the tournament for the ladies. The best player of the day was Cathie Meikle and the booby prize went to Ann Phillips who got a lovely pair of glasses and a magic wand......something to bewitch her bowls with!
Sept 8th 2013         Two bowls Pairs          
Ladies two bowl pair winners were Cathie Meikle/Nancy McDonald....
Sept 12th 2013       Friendship Cup     
A big congratulations to
Jessie Johnston on winning
the friendship cup



Sep 15th 2013 Mixed Ryder Cup

Gents President John McKilllop and Lady President Tricia Coyle with the trophy
donated by the Kirk family for the Mixed Ryder Cup Game.

The cup is engraved annually with the winning President's name, This year it will be President Tricia Coyle's name on the trophy with a narrow win over John's team, The best Players were the Barton family, Elaine won the overall game and John had the Best gents score. Eileen Aird got the wooden spoon for the Ladies and Duncan Hogan got the booby prize for the gents. The weather held up for us and we managed to play all the games " mostly dry" A fantastic meal was laid on by the two Presidents, made and served by their spouses, family and friends. Their hospitality bar also supplied a few shandies for the players. The members thanked both presidents for a great day's sport and friendship and thanked Past President Peter Phillips for running the tournament.



Lady President Tricia Coyle with Ladies Champion Mary Russell

 Competition  Winner  Runner-up
 Championship  M Russell  T. Coyle
 Presidents  C Meilkle  J. Johnston
 Galloway  E.Barton
 2 Bowl pairs  N.McDonald  & C.Meikle
 T.Coyle & J.Johnston
 Nominated Prs  E.Aird  & J.McNeil  E.McLean  &
 Balloted Prs  L.Power &  C.Meikle
 E.Barton  & 
              E. Harbiston




 Ladies Section 2013                                                 see full Club Fixture list











  Eileen Aird


 Grace Reid

       Match Secretary




~~Lady President~~


~~Lady President~~


~~Lady President~~

2011 Ann Phillips 2012 Liz Power 2013 Tricia Coyle


Cathie Meikle


Nancy McDonald


Ann Phillips


 Joan Grant 2006 Cathie Monaghan 2007 Janet Dawson
2002 Grace Porte 2003 Cathie Meikle 2004  Grace Reid
1999 Jessie Johnston 2000 Mary Russell 2001 Nancy Fraser
1996 Nancy McDonald 1997 Joyce Galloway 1998

Nancy McDonald

1993 Eleanor Knox 1994 Ann McCormack 1995 May Hutton
1990 Mrs E I Bruce 1991 Mrs M Beattie 1992 May Donaldson
1987 Mrs J Clelland 1988 Mrs M Green 1989 Mrs E Lessells
1984 Mrs A Paterson 1985 Mrs R Bremner 1986 Mrs M Thom
1981 Mrs E Gilmour 1982 Mrs A Weir 1983 Mrs B Hepburn
1978 Mrs J Niven 1979 Mrs J Haldane 1980 Mrs T Matthews
1975 Mrs J Scoular 1976 Miss A Dunsmore 1977 Mrs P Slater
1972 Mrs T Lindsay 1973 Mrs P Ferguson 1974 Mrs T Murray
1968/69 Mrs M Robb 1970 Mrs M MacFarlane 1971 Mrs D McSwiggan
1966 Mrs W Fletcher 1967 Mrs W Brisbane 1968 Mrs R Dunsmore
1963 Mrs J Roseweir 1964 Mrs M Robb 1965 Mrs J McNight
1960 Mrs H McGeachan 1961 Mrs J G Morrison 1962 Mrs J Sinclair
1957 Mrs W Neville 1958 Mrs J Neil 1959 Mrs R B Liddell
1954 Mrs A Trotter 1955 Mrs R B Liddell 1956 Mrs H McGeachan
1951 Mrs A Paton 1952 Mrs A Paton 1953 Mrs A G Scott
1948 Mrs J C Ferguson 1949 Mrs J C Ferguson 1950 Mrs J C Ferguson
1945 Mrs J C Ferguson 1946 Mrs J C Ferguson 1947 Mrs J C Ferguson
1942 Mrs C Ferguson 1943 Mrs J C Ferguson 1944 Mrs J Sillar
1939 Mrs A W Dick 1940 Mrs J Forbes 1941 Mrs W Kinmond
1936 Mrs T Hamilton 1937 Mrs W Vickers 1938 Mrs J Morrison
1933 Mrs J Lambie 1934 Mrs R Sillar 1935 Mrs J Brownlee
1930 Mrs M Kerr 1931 Mrs J C Ferguson 1932 Mrs J Norris
1927 Mrs J T Marshall 1928 Mrs C Fyfe 1929 Mrs C R Paton
1924 Mrs A Hastie 1925 Mrs J Wingate 1926 Mrs P Lithgow
.YEAR. ~~Hon President~~ .YEAR. ~~Hon President~~ .YEAR. ~~Hon President~~
1987 Mrs M Robb 1987 Mrs J Sinclair   Mrs Mary Beattie
1965 Mrs C Kerr 1969 Mrs J Forbes 1987 Mrs L Lindsay
.YEAR. ~~Hon Members~~ .YEAR. ~~Hon Members~~ .YEAR. ~~Hon Members~~
1968 Mrs Laird 1997 Mrs M Prentice    


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Equal Membership Club 2010


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